Yet Another 5 Must Have Figma plugins

…for creating fun graphical effects.

Continuing the trend of sharing things I have found useful as I learn and develop in the design Industry, below is a short list of some of my favourite Figma plugins, more to come 😄

1. Noise

Quick and easy one to start off, a simple plugin for adding noise to an object in your designs. Personally my main use case is simply to add some depth and variation in backgrounds with a subtle application of the effect. Depending on the brand you are working with, a little texture might be all you need to make that pitch deck really shine.

2. Remove BG

Forget opening photoshop to edit photos for use in your UI or pitch deck designs. Need to remove the background from your image? Give this one a shot, hasn’t let me down yet. One click and you’re set, deep etching has never been so easy 🤟🏼

The plugin is free, but you will need to create an account over on their website and generate an api token to get started.

3. Get Waves

This one has been a favourite of mine ever since I found the website over at Choose from sine waves, square waves and sawtooth waves, edit the complexity and colour, then hit create, this will generate an SVG on your canvas, you can edit the colour and anchor points afterwards also.

Useful for designing things like unique website footers, adding graphical elements to your sign up screen, or if you want to get really fancy, you could try your hand at illustrating a cityscape with the square wave? I would actually love to see that.

3.5 Blobmaker

While you’re at it, check out the blob maker app, also created by Z Creative Labs

4. SkewDat

Quick and dirty on this one, SkewDat does one thing, skew your selected object, great for modifying perspectives and creating some quirky shapes without needing the pen tool 🤷🏼‍♂️

5. Dither

Last but not least, similar to the noise plugin, Dither helps us add texture to images in Figma to get a “sketched” style effect. This one has had barely any use from me so far but I keep it installed juuuuust in case.



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